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Big Data

Ever since the origin of new technologies, devices, and communication means like social networking sites the amount of d...

6 Months

Big Data and Hadoop Developer

Big Data and Hadoop Certification course is designed to prepare you for your next assignment in the world of Big Data. H...

6 Months

Analytics in Excel

In today's world, we must navigate through a sea of data and simplify it into decisions for growth, problem solving, and...

6 Months

Big Data And Hadoop Administrator

Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Certification Training equips you to take up Hadoop Administrator responsibilities in ...

6 Months

Certificate Course in Data Analytics

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence and analytics service. It offers interactive visualizations and advanced a...

Excel & Big Data

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular programs to use for analysing, extracting, and cleaning the tremendous amount...

6 Months

R, SAS and Excel

This course mainly covers the following aspects: • Understand what analytics is? • Understand where analytics is a...

6 Months