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The XLNC group considers protection of personal information a primary responsibility. In accordance with the same, the following is the privacy policy regarding the various conditions and circumstances under which XLNC may collect personal data, and the means by which this may be carried out. It also describes your choices regarding use, access and correction of your personal information. In this Privacy Policy section, “XLNC Academy”, “XLNC group”, “the company”, “XLNC”, “us”, “we” and “our” have been used to refer to XLNC Academy International Pvt. Ltd. We request you to read this privacy policy very carefully, as it provides information on the use of the XLNC website and other portals.

What do we mean by ‘personal data’?

Personal data refers to any personal information by means of which an individual or group may be identified. This personal information consists of, but is not limited to the user’s name, contact details, email address, browser or location details and any other technical information as per the requirements.

Information voluntarily provided by a third-party

XLNC may collect information from individuals who voluntarily provide such data to the company. Such information may be provided in the form of email or direct inquiries, job applications (directly or through job portals, email etc.), through participation in seminars or webinars and application for and/or enrollment in the various training courses offered by XLNC Academy. The information may include the individual’s full name, contact details, email address, residential address/location details, credit/debit card details, log in credentials etc. However, the given list is not exhaustive, and other personal details may also be retrieved from the individual basis the requirement in the situation. In case of job applications, we shall also access the resume and links to any social media portals or other links provided by the candidate in course of application. It may be noted that if a user accesses our website anonymously, his/her personal information is not stored by us. It is only when information is voluntarily provided to us that we store the data to our systems. Users may anonymously visit our website without having to provide personal details. However, this may prevent them from participating in certain activities related to the website.

Non-identifiable personal data

We may also access personal information that does not directly reveal the identity of the user. Such information may include the name of the browser, type of device being used, screen-size, language preferences, time-zone etc.

Notice to end-users

In some cases, an account may be created on behalf of a third-party or ‘End-user’ by an ‘administrator’, who may provide the former’s personal details. This administrator may be the End-User’s employer or an authorized training partner with XLNC Academy. In such circumstances, we shall access such personal details provided to us by the Administrator, without exercising any direct communication or interaction with the End-User whose personal data we possess. Moreover, the Administrator providing us with the details of the End-User would be considered our ‘customer’. In order to act on behalf of the End-User, the Administrator must have the End-User’s consent to collect and provide us with his/her personal information as stated in this Privacy Policy. The End-User may be subject to the Customer policies wherever applicable. If you are an end-user using our online platform, please communicate with your administrator for privacy inquiries. XLNC is not to be held responsible forthe privacy or security practices of our customers, which may differ from those established in this Privacy Policy statement.

International use of personal data

Personal information accessed by us may be processed, stored and retrieved not only in your region, but also in any other country where other branches or affiliates of XLNC Academy may be situated. Currently, XLNC has its branches in India, UAE and Australia. Therefore, by providing your personal information to us and/or availing our services, you agree to the transfer, processing and storing of your data in these countries. However, should the company establish further branches in any other country in future, this Privacy Policy will also be made applicable to these countries. Further, your data may be accessed by XLNC employees working in the countries mentioned above, typically belonging to the domains of (but not restricted to) technical support, product development and customer support. By providing your personal information to us and/or availing our services, you consent to making your data accessible to these XLNC employees.

Why we extract such personal information:

Personal information pertaining to our users provides us with useful data in order to carry out work-related functions. These include sending marketing-related and other communications to users, addressing customer needs or requests, administering the user’s account, providing product information and studying user behavior using statistical analyses in order to draw inferences about the engagement rates on and user interest towards the various sections of our site.

Transfer of your personal information to third-parties

Your personal details may be shared with persons or parties that help us provide our services. These persons could be sub-contractors or those belonging to the other sub-domains of the XLNC group (such as XLNC Technologies). Your personal data may be shared to third-parties in accordance with the law, i.e. in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including meeting national security or law enforcement requirements and under any other circumstance where we deem it necessary by law to disclose personal information. In the event that XLNC Academy should merge with any other company or sell off all or a portion of its assets or undergo any such similar transition, your user account and personal data may be transferred as part of the assets. In such a scenario, the user would be informed of the same via email as well as a notice put up on our website. Also, we shall seek the user’s consent before transferring his/her personal information to any other third party besides those mentioned above.

Obtaining personal information from third parties

Wherever applicable, we may also obtain personal data from third parties. These third parties may include, but are not limited to data brokers from whom we obtain supplementary information to add on to our existing data; partners who co-brand with us or associate with XLNC for marketing activities; publicly available databases and platforms; service providers who may track your location for us in order to customize a certain service specifically to your region, etc. In addition, we may also gather personal data received from sources such as telephone, posted letters or fax. In such cases, we add this information to the already existing user-data in order to ensure improved service.

Deletion or export of personal data

We understand that our customers and users may want to delete or modify some or all of the information provided to us. If requested by the user, we shall provide him/her with access to his/her personal information, and permit the modification or deletion of the information as per the user’s discretion. If you have directly signed up as an XLNC user, you can modify or delete personal information either by signing into your account or contacting us. As an administrator handling the account on behalf of an end-user, or as an end-user, kindly refer to the “Notice to End-Users” section for more details. In some cases, we might not be able to provide access to some of the personal information due to some legal or other relevant business purposes. Also, since we seek to protect personal data from any deliberately malicious or accidental deletion, the deletion of any residual copies of the information may not take place immediately. We might also not be able to provide personal information to the extent that it poses a threat to an individual’s privacy or others’ rights. In order to adhere to routine auditing of information, deleted information or the originally stored data (before it was modified) might continue to be stored within our databases, active logs etc.

Use of Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

XLNC may make use of cookies and other similar software systems in order to obtain personal information such as (not limited to) browser type, IP address, time visited, language preferences, search queries and so on. Such information helps us obtain details regarding consumer engagement on our website, user preferences and interests and areas of improvement.

Links to Third-Party Websites

XLNC may consist of links to third-party websites that are not governed or owned by our company. XLNC is not responsible for the privacy policies of these other websites. It is up to the user to check the same for each of these links provided on the XLNC site when he/she visits the same.

Our Public Arena

The XLNC website consists of blog posts in the public domain. Any information or details provided while responding to these may be read and stored by any individual. You can contact us in order to request removal of personal data from our blog posts. In case we are unable to delete your personal data from these forums, we shall provide you with an explanation for our inability to do so. However, XLNC is not to be held responsible for the personal information submitted by the user on these public forums.

Children’s Personal Data

XLNC does not intentionally collect any personal data pertaining to children below 16 years of age. Parents are advised to provide strict instructions to children, asking them not to provide such information on any of our public domains. In the event that a child does happen to provide such information to us, you may contact us and request deletion of the same.


This Privacy Policy is subject to amendments and updates. As a user, you may be provided with an email intimating you about such amendments. However, we advise you to check out this page intermittently in order to keep yourself updated on any amendments. You can choose to discontinue use of the Websites or Service(s), if you do not accept the terms of this Policy, or any modified version of this Policy.

Contact Us

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